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Who we are

SEVENTECH srl is an engineering company operating in the field of mechanical carpentry in iron and steel, in maintenance and industrial plants.

The company, thanks to the acquired experience, is able to realize structures and details of great precision. It makes use of highly technological and innovative systems that make it possible to meet the needs of large industry. It manufactures and builds plants and machinery operating in the food, chemical, steel and textile sectors.


Pre-filling and welding, two inseparable processing processes.
The pre-filling is done thanks to the "manual pre-filling masks", to allow a faster and more controllable production cycle, to the advantage of absolute precision.
The welding can be performed manually or by means of a robotized support, depending on the customer's needs.


Thanks to the technology used, the production cycle related to cutting is followed in every phase.
This allows shorter delivery times and a more accurate and complete processing.
For the sheet metal cutting works, two Mazak CNC CO2 laser machines are equipped with an automatic loading and unloading cell, served as an automatic warehouse with single-sided sheet storage and laser sheet unloading warehouse.


In this phase, after a precise study, the technical office and the skilled worker are in constant communication to be able to work at best the sheets that are bent, according to the customer's needs, using two synchronized hydraulic press-fitting systems COLGAR 4 mt x 400 tons and 3 meters x 200 tons.


Our departments communicate and work in synergy. Assembly, cutting and press-forming are part of a complex process, together with the rationalization of production and large investments aimed at cutting-edge technology, which has allowed us to offer a 360° service over the years.
Thanks to the technologies used, the production cycle is optimized, and allows us to guarantee short delivery times and accurate and complete processing.


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